Bill Buffam, Trumpet Player

Nobody has learned to play the trumpet. It's endless. Maynard Ferguson

Actually, my favorite instrument is the flugel horn. For those of you who don't know what a flugel horn is, well, it looks a bit like a pregnant trumpet. Anatomically, it's actually a baby tuba. A soprano tuba. It's got a conical bore and an exponential bell. Whereas a trumpet has a cylindrical bore and a hyperbolic bell. (There - aren't you glad you asked?). And now I've tortured your imagination, here's a picture of a flugel. (Looks like a trumpet? No way! How can you say that? Here's a trumpet. See the difference?) (By the way, these pictures are on the Bach site. Check it out.) Okay, so what does a flugel sound like? Well, it sounds like a soprano tuba. It's real mellow, almost like a cross between a French horn and a trumpet. It's the same pitch as a trumpet. Sorry, no sound clips yet. Maybe some day.

I'm actually taking a bit of a sabbatical from music right now. 24 hours a day is a bit limiting when you're trying to make a living, play trumpet, and go hang gliding. So one of them had to go on the back burner. I'm playing occasionally with the Atlantic Brass Band in Glassboro, New Jersey.

I played trumpet in the Main Line Symphony Orchestra for a long time. I also played in the Quintessential Brass, a standard format brass quintet (2 trumpets (doubling flugels, of course), horn, trombone, tuba), which has gone into an extended limbo.

I have a full selection of horns (B flat, C, piccolo trumpet, cornet, flugel) which I'm not planning to part with, sabbatical or no sabbatical.

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