Quotes and similar stuff

Life's Rules of Thumb Those pithy little sound bites that point the way through this murky mess we call "life."

Musical quotes Acerbic wit from the musical world

Quotes of Albert Einstien A selection.

Eric Walters' Collection of Aphorisms Someone else's much bigger collection of stuff.

Amusing and (somewhat) informative stuff

Everything I need to know to get on in business I learned from my cat (PDF) Well, almost everything.

Random Funny Stuff A grab-bag of funny stuff from various places.

Informative and (somewhat) amusing stuff

Random Interesting Stuff A grab-bag of interesting stuff. and Linksys routers. There's something weird about Linksys routers (the two that I've used, anyway) and If you have a seller's account, and you try to get into it from (ultimately trying to access, you may run into the situation where you just can't get to it. The site times out persistently. The "problem" seems to be the way that particular site is trying to interact with you, causing the router (using its factory-installed configuration) to think it's being suspiciously probed.

Amusing stuff that's largely made up, but has a ring of truth

Things you would never know without the movies One of those funny lists that gets passed around the Internet. I've no idea where it originated, but it's very funny, and it's oh so true.

Non-funny entertainment

Really cool photographs Passed around in e-mail—ultimate origin unknown. And yes, at least one of them got more from Photoshop than it did from the camera. But hey, they're still cool.

Ice-cool photographs Now this is an ice storm. Amazing pictures of trees, cars, you-name-it, encased in ice. Beautiful. The place is Versoix, Switzerland. It's near Geneva.

Because I could

Printable Graph Paper (PDF) This is one sheet of centimetre graph paper, completely unadorned with extraneous stuff. Each square is subdivided into 5*5 subdivisions. I went looking on the Web for printable graph paper and couldn't find any that suited my modest needs. So I made my own, and here it is for anyone else to use. It doesn't look very pretty on the screen, but you'll find it looks very fine on your printer. The blue subdivision lines are much lighter than the black centimetre lines. If your needs are more sophisticated, try the freeware graph-paper tool on the SnapFiles site. It can produce log scales as well as standard linear.

Because I did anyway

Notes for my Classical Musical Appreciation classes.

Tilting at windmills

Grammar Police Blotter Commonly mangled and misused words and phrases.

Investing with an environmental conscience A list of companies with egregious environmental records. I don't want any of my investments going into these companies, and I hope you don't either.

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