Classical Music Appreciation

Classes led by Bill Buffam.

Introductory (Spring 2007)

In the view of Ricardo Muti, former music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, "Classical music is not entertainment. Rather, it's essential food for the soul." The objective of this class is to allow you to develop your taste for this delicious food. We'll be listening to some of the more approachable works of the classical repertoire (or excerpts), with enough explanation for you to be able to make sense of them, but not so much that you'll be overwhelmed—the music will largely be speaking for itself.

Intermediate (Spring 2007)

This class goes a step beyond the Introductory class by delving further into the anatomy and history of classical music. However, the bulk of class time is devoted to listening to music. We'll cover the major historical periods in classical music, the principal forms and designs upon which classical music is constructed, and the makeup of a symphony orchestra and other ensemble types. We'll have program notes for each piece we listen to, and for most pieces we'll have fairly detailed "maps" to help you understand the music's structure. Works presented in this class do not overlap with those of the Introductory class.

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