Chester County Night School

Classical Music Appreciation, Fall 2006


In the view of Ricardo Muti, former music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, "Classical music is not entertainment. Rather, it's essential food for the soul." The objective of this class is to allow you to begin developing your taste for this delicious food. We'll be listening to excerpts from the more approachable works of the classical repertoire, with enough explanation for you to be able to make sense of it, but not so much that you'll be overwhelmed—the music will largely be speaking for itself.


This class has a similar approach and similar goals to the Introductory I class, but moves a little farther into the concert repertoire and delves a little more deeply into the anatomy and history of classical music. The musical works covered in this class will not overlap with those of Introductory I, so that students who have completed that class may continue with Introductory II without repeating material.

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